Ready To Go

Hi there!,

Welcome to my blog which I hope to update regularly during the coming racing season.

As you may or may not know I’m off to Belgium to see if I can step up my game in the hope of one day securing a professional contract. I’ll be riding for the well-known ASFRA Flanders Team and will be based in Oudenaarde, East Flanders – the heart of European racing and home to the fiercely competitive Kermesse Races. I feel that to develop and mature as a bike rider I require the level and quantity of races that the continent offers.

On the whole I was pleased with my 2012 season. I feel that I progressed physically after each race and definitely hit a peak towards the end of the season where I had the bulk of training and racing in my legs from the previous six months. Also I matched the gains in physical progress with invaluable racing experience – at the start of the year I would race flat out from the gun desperate to get into a break and would often have spent all my energy leaving nothing left for the finale. I soon realised that I had to be more canny in my approach if I was to win races and I soon found myself able to “read” the race in a way I wasn’t able to before. By the end of the year I won six races. Five Road Races and one time trial. A particular highlight of mine was finishing second on stage 5 of the Junior Tour of Wales but it was also one of the most frustrating having come so close to the win. If anything its results like this that spur you on during the long winter months of endless base miles or in today’s case, a mind numbing few hours spent in the torture chamber looking out at the snow falling to the ground outside.

The past few months have been fairly good bike wise and since I left work on 1st of January I’ve relished the training opportunity’s that being full time offers, racking up the valuable kilometers that I hope will put me in a good enough shape for when the races start.

Anyway, I’m under no illusion as to how hard it will be but with a solid winter behind me I hope to be prepared to the best of my ability. Best get out on the bike now!

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