Winter Update



Hey everyone,

Just a real quick update on whats been going on recently and what is planned for the coming weeks. I’ve managed to get some consistent training in the last few weeks even though there was heavy snowfall a week ago. A week on the turbo wasn’t as bad as expected and I got some decent sessions in. This past week I’ve managed to get out on the road everyday(apart from today, the now has returned!), racking up more kilometers in the Aberdeenshire hills. The last few days my legs have started to feel semi good again so I hope to have some good form by the time the racing starts.

Usually my only company on my long winter rides

Usually my only company on my long winter rides

This is my last weekend at home before I fly out to Belgium on Monday morning and I can’t wait!! It feels weird that after months of dreaming of going to Belgium I am finally ready to go. I’m just in the process of packing my bags full of all the kit ill need for a season out in the heartland. Once I arrive at Brussels Charleroi  airport I have the task of making my way to Oudenaarde, my base for the season. A huge thank you to Callum Gough who is letting me (and other young aspiring riders) stay at his apartment.  It is a huge help and i’m very grateful. From the airport I have a bus and a train to catch. This will probably prove to be quite interesting considering I’ll have all my bags plus a 30kg bike box in tow. However its all part of the adventure and I’m counting down the hours until my flight in excited anticipation.

Also if there is anything in particular that you would like me to write about in Belgium then let me know in the comment section or on Facebook.

Next update I’ll be in Belgium. 🙂


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